John Riccitiello

Although Riccitiello and EA comprised between 1997 and 2004, leaving the company then co-founded the investment firm Elevation Partners, its most significant period in front of the company came in 2007. Their rehiring as CEO led to a period of prosperity, being the main driver of digital business model valued at over $ 800 million. He shall also the controversial “Project $ 10″, which attempted to cover losses inherent in the booming market of used games.

In his last months at the head of EA, however, has faced the discrete Riccitiello sales triple A as Dead Space 3, practice commercial death cult franchise as Medal of Honor, the final conversion of Star Wars: The Old Republic in title cut free or falling servers following the launch of the highly anticipated SimCity. The figures for the last financial report apuntillaron his resignation.


Joe Belfiore gives us clues to the arrival of important applications to Windows Phone

These past few weeks have seen the arrival of some important applications and games to Windows Phone, and just yesterday The Dark Knight Rises announced his landing with stunning graphics that take advantage of the power of the new terminal, but the week just yet and more surprises could come as Joe Belfiore.

On his Twitter account the head in front of Windows Phone has hinted that the week is not over yet giving references to possibly see more pitches to the platform during the day.

or know in detail what application will be released, but seeing the arrival of games including updating or bringing important features Skype is interesting to think of what we could see before concluding the week.

As track Viber CEO said on Twitter as your application for Windows Phone 8 with support for VoIP is now in its final phase of development with possible landing this month or early next. Stay tuned for sure and see some important news these days.


iTunes Match, the cloud music on Apple

The pioneer of this type of service, iTunes Match, is now more than a year between us, and not to be confused with iTunes in the Cloud (which lets you download any song you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store to all Apple devices with only pressing a button).

S can be activated from the Store menu / Turn Music Match and then proceed to pay EUR 24.99 annual subscription costing the same way we buy any app (that is, with our own Apple ID) and begin scanning the library without having to install anything else.

The songs that are available in your store on our devices are synchronized AAC format at 256 kbps, and we can show or hide them when we want to differentiate the music you have stored from which we can listen in streaming or downloaded from the cloud anytime (very handy).

The trouble is that, in this case, there is no web access to our collection, and if you have a smartphone or tablet than Apple, not us any good (with Windows computers, thankfully, it does support after installing iTunes ). Nor is there a free trial, and the top of songs that we can upload does not exceed 25,000.

Jessica Alba: A hair chameleon

The looks of Jessica Alba

Jessica wore her perfect Californian wicks with a cherry red lipstick at the opening of Tommy Hilfiger store in Los Angeles.

Irina Shayk Makeup

The Russian model advocates a natural makeup, discreet, which enhances the beauty of your perfect symmetrical face, full lips and almond eyes that can hardly stop looking.
Makeup Tips

To get a smooth and beautiful face so all you need is to use a base fluid that is the same color as your skin, and complement it with a powder to get a completely unified face, leaving the base set.

For Irina who has a perfectly tanned skin, use a makeup base fluid in a brown tone and nuances finally fixed with powder makeup of a similar tone.

Improves Battery Life with Snapdragon

Surely you read the name of the application think … “Sounds of something.” Well you sound because it is one of the processors used in the latest smartphones and Qualcoom brings this application which improve the battery for such devices.

Everyone knows that by far the worst of a smartphone is what little we have is the battery life, and we can have a Note 2 and good battery that we still know little. And worst of this detail is that manufacturers continue to improve every few processors, screen, memory … but the battery always stays behind and is between the limit enforced by the hair.

So Qualcoom has developed this application currently in beta for phones that use this popular processor improve battery performance substantially.


ibrations custom for every occasion: Vybe

If you are someone who do not like / can have your phone with sound and prefer to leave it on vibrate mode, this application will be useful and interesting.

Vybe is an application that allows you to customize the vibrations of your contacts, either for calls or text messages, so that, even without sound, you know who’s calling with just feel its vibration determined.

Vybe features a simple tutorial that will teach you how to create your own vibrations and assign them to your contacts. You just have to log into the application and come to a control panel via the touch screen you will create a vibration with force, duration and intensity, and once you feel ready to assign a contact to your list.

If you never imagined you could customize a vibration and know what happens to just feel it, now Vybe makes it very easy. You could say it’s even fun to create new vibrations.

Vybe is a free application and is compatible with all mobile devices Android 2.2 and higher.

I leave a video and some photos of graduation gowns

Girls who ye ye something more traditional and wear a dress that is more classic, you can choose one of these two models and as well look you see the wisdom of having a detail of “modernity” and sensuality, as they leave back to air in a very flattering cut.
Best of all is that both gray with silver lines and the orange (with some gold accents) are very stylish and after graduation, you can reuse them if for example you have to attend a wedding or a special celebration.

You can choose from any of these models that you shall surely among the most beautiful in your graduation and of course, in his after party.


Household and Cleaning

The work, social commitments, family and the hectic pace of life that we can not leave you much time to care for your home. However, this is one of the tasks that you should not miss if you want to avoid the accumulation of germs and bacteria. The lack of proper hygiene could involve health risks, such as certain allergies. Therefore it is important to have the best weapons but … You know what?

Today, we can find specific products to clean every part of the house. Although there are some essential basic, you have a wide range of products that will suit your needs perfectly, whatever.

When making a purchase effective, we have to be aware that many of the products used are chemical. Therefore, we must be wary of using us as the contact with skin or clothing can be harmful. To learn how to make an optimal purchase is necessary to know, first, read the labels, for knowing their components can make a decision based on responsibility and judgment.

Each product specifically for cleaning home and have their own characteristics. However, there are some symbols common to almost all of them, some of which we never asked what correspond. For example, those having to do with environmental care. The most important are

Hottest Holiday Gift For iPad 2 Owners

An iPad is great. I love the size, light weight and functionality. It’s portable for travel and functionality Gives me enough not to Have to bring my laptop. I do have a challenge With The iPad 2 getting wifi to pick up Even When it’s present but when i am connected, life is good.

Now, it’s better.

I was Given the awesome opportunity to review for Rocketfish ™ Advanced Series Keyboard Capsule. This keyboard rocks. It makes the iPad like a laptop, giving keyboard function (using a Bluetooth keyboard) and a built in case for safe transportation!