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Last Chance: Mad Style Savings In-Store At Banana Republic

If you are spending your Saturday shopping, hit up Banana Republic! They are having a sale up to 40% off (in-stores only). Today is the last day! You can shop online and get Also 35% off using code BRSEPT.

I recently scored a great haul from I was Given a $ 100 credit to spend and I stretched it as much as I possibly Could with 2 active discount codes! I wanted to get some great jewelry staples that I’m missing in my jewelry wardrobe, as well as a great pair of shoes:


ladylike Wednesday

Which way do you like it better? A statement necklace or a bracelet? I’m digging the bracelet! It can go edgy or dressed up! Do not you just LOVE versatility??

Joan Rivers Simulated Pearl 75-Inch Necklace compliments of Joan Rivers and QVC. Find out more at # QVCStyleChallenge

Did you see the Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? the finale episode

know How to Live

Activate your metabolism & Slimming

So much for dieting and weight loss. This month we discovered how faults and a good secret to achieving your goals: activate metabolism. And all in a healthy way, without starving and without yo-yo effect.
Recent advances for Your Health

Saber Vivir arrives this month at number 150. We took a decade to offer our readers the most practical and rigorous information on health care. So today we do a tour of the current landscape of medicine, which is making good progress in overcoming challenges ever greater importance. We live a long time and get a good quality of life is key.
The guide to coping with spring allergies

Runny and stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and throat … And more tired than usual. The warm weather arrives and discomfort for many each year. But this time not because you have to resign yourself to relieve hand and avoid options that get worse.


Joe Belfiore gives us clues to the arrival of important applications to Windows Phone

These past few weeks have seen the arrival of some important applications and games to Windows Phone, and just yesterday The Dark Knight Rises announced his landing with stunning graphics that take advantage of the power of the new terminal, but the week just yet and more surprises could come as Joe Belfiore.

On his Twitter account the head in front of Windows Phone has hinted that the week is not over yet giving references to possibly see more pitches to the platform during the day.

or know in detail what application will be released, but seeing the arrival of games including updating or bringing important features Skype is interesting to think of what we could see before concluding the week.

As track Viber CEO said on Twitter as your application for Windows Phone 8 with support for VoIP is now in its final phase of development with possible landing this month or early next. Stay tuned for sure and see some important news these days.


Jo Malone feeds your nose with your new Collection Sugar And Spice

Again Jo Malone continues to surprise with a collection of the most flirtatious and maintained, and that for this spring is expanding its range of fragrances with five limited edition perfume as attractive to the eye and the nose.

This Collection Sugar And Spice, five perfumes that are simple yet beautiful, presented in soft colors and sweet yet spicy, this is an issue with overdose of sugar and spice.

Five fragrances with enticing names as original as Lemon Tart, Elderflower & Gooseberry, Redcurrant & Cream, Ginger Biscuit, Bitter Orange & Chocolate is that with a fragrance called lemon tart or bitter orange and chocolate is hard to resist the temptation to try .

This limited collection has been put up for sale at a price of 45 euros for each perfume, if you have a chance to try them you will not regret.


James Armstrong, CEO of Sony Spain, confirms PS4 launch in Spain for Christmas

It’s been 24 hours since Sony has introduced its expected PS4, but there are still many unknowns to know, as its price and, of course, final release date since the multinational dismissed with a brief presentation: “Christmas 2013 “.

Despite the uproar that arose, it was unclear whether that message was referring to all or only to U.S. markets. To find out for sure, our special envoy to New York has been able to talk to James Armstrong, CEO of Sony Computer in Spain, and ask him about the arrival of the PS4 to our country.

For pleasure and enjoyment, we can confirm that the new console will also, at Christmas, on a date to be specified and so Armstrong has sent us: “[Sony] are committed to a global release in 2013.”

However, the executive is saved some clothes, ensuring they can always be problems trastoquen distribution plans at the last minute.

Tomorrow you can read the full interview here.

iTunes Match, the cloud music on Apple

The pioneer of this type of service, iTunes Match, is now more than a year between us, and not to be confused with iTunes in the Cloud (which lets you download any song you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store to all Apple devices with only pressing a button).

S can be activated from the Store menu / Turn Music Match and then proceed to pay EUR 24.99 annual subscription costing the same way we buy any app (that is, with our own Apple ID) and begin scanning the library without having to install anything else.

The songs that are available in your store on our devices are synchronized AAC format at 256 kbps, and we can show or hide them when we want to differentiate the music you have stored from which we can listen in streaming or downloaded from the cloud anytime (very handy).

The trouble is that, in this case, there is no web access to our collection, and if you have a smartphone or tablet than Apple, not us any good (with Windows computers, thankfully, it does support after installing iTunes ). Nor is there a free trial, and the top of songs that we can upload does not exceed 25,000.

Jessica Alba: A hair chameleon! The looks of Jessica Alba

Jessica opted for a sweet style that accentuated her features in the premiere of the film “Escape from Planet Earth”, which has not yet been released in Spain.

Jessica Alba: A hair chameleon

The looks of Jessica Alba

Jessica wore her perfect Californian wicks with a cherry red lipstick at the opening of Tommy Hilfiger store in Los Angeles.