Lenovo could stay with NEC’s mobile business

Some major Japanese companies in mobile telephony are thinking it is too complicated to be profitable in business, even in a market as special as yours. Names such as Panasonic and NEC are raising their output or sales to other manufacturers. The case before us today is to NEC, which could be in negotiations with the Chinese giant Lenovo, department manager, to turn their mobile phones, has been spending a couple of years with losses. The information coming from Nikkei and Reuters, noting that conversations occur in a comfortable, and already working together with personal computers in the Japanese market. NEC is not closed to the possibility that a Japanese manufacturer also between the negotiations. Another important fact to note is that the current NEC is a joint venture between itself (controls 70%) and Casio. Chinese manufacturers are eager to get their hands in Japan, a market that moves a lot of money. NEC is one way to enter, although currently only have a market share of 6%, and falling. On facilities that have NEC in Japan, has a factory in Saitama which manufactures its simplest phones, Smartphones and sends them to do outside, in China, as do virtually all manufacturers.

Kohli, Raina in top 10 in ICC T20 rankings

Dubai: Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina are the two Indians to figure in the list of top 10 in ICC T20I Player Rankings for batsmen, while India continue to hold onto the number three slot in the teams category, issued on Friday.

Kohli with 731 points is at number eight position, Followed by Raina (719) in the latest rankings table, Which is headed by New Zealand’s wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum captain (810).

Yuvraj Singh (14) and Gautam Gambhir (18) are the other two Indians to have found a place in the top-20 batsmen’s list.

In the team rankings, India are Placed third behind Sri Lanka and the West Indies T20 champions.

Offie Ravichandran Ashwin is the only Indian To Have featured in the list of top-20 bowlers in the shortest format, is headed by Sunil Which Narine of the West Indies.

Kim Kardashian Makeup step by step

We love to know the tricks of makeup used to hold the famous television intensive sessions, photo calls and other events where it is necessary to give the C’s.

And after analysis of Sara Carbonero would not hurt to take a look at what happens beyond our borders so we wanted to elect Kim Kardashian, a celebrity who walks through the magazines and American Heart.

This famous model had the opportunity to make themselves known through his friendship with Paris Hilton and since 2007, saw the light a homemade porn video with her boyfriend Ray J this model has continued to hoard covers the heart.

Her personal makeup sessions follow a fixed structure, starting with a brand PREBASIC Intuit, correct dark circles with Cle de Peau or MAC, and some liquid makeup Makeup For Ever.

Continuing with makeup setting Select Sheer Pressed Powder, and choose color eye with MAC Painterly smoky black shadow or something cool with glitter, depending on the occasion. Keep Stila black eyeliner.


L’Occitane has a new fragrance for spring 2013

The beauty firm L’Occitane en Provence is very well accustomed us, and we know that when a new season comes a new product launches to celebrate. Last week we celebrated the arrival of Spring, and as such the company presents its new fragrance Cherry Spring. The theme of this is the cherry blossom combined with the acidity of the fruit, but not least, we are also present in all kinds of scented body products.

We can say that the combination of notes of this new perfume is most cheerful: at the entrance we find the aromatic bay leaf blackberry combined with passionate and rosebuds. The heart of the fragrance highlights the fruity notes of cherry and delicate peonies, resting on a base of cherry extract and warm Brazilian rosewood.

L’Occitane Launches BB Cream routine: Iris Angelica, the duo serum + BB cream

A year ago we had little marks that had BB Creams with fingers. Today it is the contrary, what brand cosmetics has not released its formula BB Cream! L’Occitane en Provence and it has among its new features, the proposal called Iris Angelica.

No wonder it is added to the line of hydration and radiance Angelica, filed last year and a half when it was released. Since then, many followers and adept at vegetable tonic freshness, cream or mask, among other products in the range.

Angelica, cultivated in the Drome, the white iris (Florentina of Hérault) and blue iris (Pallida of Italy) are biological active ingredients whose synergy enhance the cosmetic properties of these two biological extracts.

The new products can be perfectly combined with other references in the range. For example, add the fluid or cream Angelica daily routine order to follow is: serum, fluid or cream, finally the BB cream. Eye contour?? The smart and fresh roll-on Angelica. I am a big fan and mask the tonic of this line, ideal complementary products.

More Info | L’Occitane en Provence
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Job Opportunity for Android Developer

The reason the news is to inform the rest of the community an opportunity to work in Bristol (UK).

For months I looking for a good Android developer CVs and all I get are pretty poor. As things stand in Spain I think it can be a great opportunity for a young developer wanting to continue learning.

I for one would be happy to hire someone from my country and maybe give it a try now in Spain is hard to get.

I left all the information about the job offer then. Anyone interested please write me an email at the following address:

roberto @ vouchercloud. com

Jane By Design Blogger Challenge # 3: Your Purse-onality Profile

It’s time to celebrate! I’ve moved on to the next challenge in the Jane By Design Blogger Challenge! Thanks for your support with comments on Facebook!

Here is task # 3, straight from Gray Chandler Murray of Donovan Decker:

Find the purse in your trunk. Look at it. Often I say you can judge a person based on the purse They carry. A sloppy bag shows the world That you are a disheveled mess, very likely in need of group therapy. A matronly purse says you are uptight, humorless and quite possibly spending your nights alone, with only your cat for company. But the right bag Represents you better than any other accessory can. The right bag Reveals the Best Aspects of your personality, winning you affection and admiration wherever you go.


It’s not the same

We believe in the power of the consumer who, through their purchasing, “votes” for your preferences and consumer brands and companies that best suit their needs and values​​.

Since we enfemenino.com vocation to give accurate information to our users. The consumer needs information that enables them to exercise their rights freely from an informed position on the products available in the market. It’s not the same.

We like environments where greater freedom of choice offered to the consumer.

We believe it is solid industry investment in R & D that generates quality employment.

Modern societies rely on heavy industries to create value and bet on research and development as well as to generate more advanced economic models.


It is better gel or soap?

The soap or detergent cleaner is made ​​with vegetable or animal fat. The cleansing action is due to its surfactant effect: attracts oil, penetrates the layers of dirt and grease and dissolved. Different textures: the classical soap liquid or gel form. For sensitive skin, soap bar there called “bread”, or lacking the gel detergent effect, these are called “syndet”.

The tablet or bread would be more moisturizing gel and more fluid, may be indicated for oily skin. But there are very moisturizing gels with ingredients that help maintain healthy skin dry, normal and fat.

Irrational Games – From Rickenbacker to cover the skies of Columbia

We are on the threshold of the launch of the highly anticipated Bioshock: Infinite. Indeed, the latest from developer Irrational Games arrive tomorrow on the shelves of all stores in the country, and also to major digital distribution platforms. And of course, you can read quickly VaDeJuegos our analysis of the hand of our editor, Antonio Santo.

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From this we have developed your magazine intense coverage of everything related to this game, and for some time also publish a complete retrospective of the career of Ken Levine. Well, now is the time to review the track record of the developer behind this masterpiece of game: Irrational Games. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your story.