Kohl’s New Clearance: Hot Summer Dresses

Kohl’s is having a Clearance Sale 60-80% and there are quite a few summer dresses AWESOME That You Can Easily Incorporate into your wardrobe! I am dying to own the Jennifer Lopez Alligator Shift Dress (shown above). It’s so sexy and fun (who would not want to feel sexy and fun?), Plus purple and red were my wedding colors so for me, They are a happy color combination!

If you are looking for sweet, lady-like or HOT, They have Those styles too!

Shop now for yourself, your family and your home!
Leave me a comment and tell me what you Purchased!


La Navegación GPS en Interiores Pole Star Tendra Soporte párr Android

La tecnologia GPS no está en contradicción, sabor Todas Pero Pero, Por Propia Experiencia, sabemos Que Se Nos plantaron sin serio Problema Cada Vez Que queremos USAR our GPS en Una zona extensa y cover, Por los evidentes Problemas Técnicos Que Se Presentan nep; desde la Falta Entre triangulación satélites Por culpa de la Física Ausencia de Cobertura, Hasta los Materiales Empleados en la edificación y la forma del edificio, Que supone la total de loss o parcial de señal.

L’Occitane has a new fragrance for spring 2013

The beauty firm L’Occitane en Provence is very well accustomed us, and we know that when a new season comes a new product launches to celebrate. Last week we celebrated the arrival of Spring, and as such the company presents its new fragrance Cherry Spring. The theme of this is the cherry blossom combined with the acidity of the fruit, but not least, we are also present in all kinds of scented body products.

We can say that the combination of notes of this new perfume is most cheerful: at the entrance we find the aromatic bay leaf blackberry combined with passionate and rosebuds. The heart of the fragrance highlights the fruity notes of cherry and delicate peonies, resting on a base of cherry extract and warm Brazilian rosewood.

KIKO with correction fluid removes imperfections Natural Concealer

I recommend the 04 tone Natural Collection Green Concealer you’re looking for a green concealer. The advantage of this is that makeup product, being fluid, is easily applied so that it has a very natural.
more advantages

Small in size, so it fits in our bag and does not take up much room in our vanity. The applicator has the format of a sponge, which explains its simple and effective application.

In addition, costs only 5.5 euros, and worth it hides those dark circles with which we awoke.
It’s very opaque

No gloss or glitter, and covers a lot. In addition, spreads easily through our skin. The result is completely matte, which promises us a very natural look.


How to make a flower on your nails?

We propose a variation in the color of your flowers you can make more spectacular still are, for example, instead of using the typical colors of daisies then you’re still more original and use colors that match the nail polish that have chosen to mark the manicure of your hands.

For example, in the second picture that shows you can make a blue tip and make a flower with two different tones. It is true that this type of flower costs a bit more than the last that we showed you, but if you find out you do not you can always use the color scheme with the step by step of the previous flower.

Again it’s a matter of practicing a lot, but if you look you can see that in this picture the flower is achieved with one of these decorative nail stickers you get at beauty supply stores. They’re fast color, decorate much and are very original

How do the French girl home?

Become the French girl, a colloquialism that is just French manicure, but that is usually used often, for those who do not know. Well, if you do not have money to go to a beauty salon and French manicure or any other, can be done at home with quite good results.

The trick to get the French girl and it is well, is to take a piece of tape, tape, toilet paper (actually, any type of paper used to “guide” is used), etc.., And this piece of paper, adhering to the nail so that it is the upper end of the nail (to be clear, the top edge) clear, without being capped. So, with paintable white enamel edge of the nail that is free of paper, and even though we spend with the brush, nothing will happen because no nail paint and paper.

Thus, be totally clear separation between the white stripe painted and natural nail. Also, you can give the glaze layers you feel is necessary, waiting to dry one layer to give the following being the most common with 3 layers is sufficient.

Also, finally, you can apply a nail hardener.

HipChat, worked for a chat

If we wish to maintain a group chat or IM with members of our work, HipChat can be a good solution.

Many types of businesses, whether large, medium or small-and use the service on their smartphones, a dedicated chat to be used at work and with colleagues. We may use HipChat to talk with customers and with business partners and workers themselves in real time, of course.

The new world of smartphones grows and grows every day, free and advanced operating systems such as Android offer thousands of opportunities in our devices, from phones to tablets, we can create anything you imagine, find thousands of applications for all types of use and tood enjoy kind of news, the store offers many payment options and free.

But have you ever asked yourself how to create applications for Android? There are many courses to learn programming Android applications, really interesting and amazing, step by step into the world of applications and the business world to a new level, learning to program for Android applications possible

Health and Beauty

Since we get up every morning, we are exposed to approximately an average of five or six and beauty care products: soap, gel, shampoo, lipstick, cream, eye shadow, mascara, perfume … The main objective also to achieve a healthy and pleasant, is to feel good about ourselves. And they get that smell good, we like its texture and beautify our body.

The cosmetic field is full of brands and products we offer different services and outcomes, so it is important to know all of them, to see which one best fits our needs. In this regard, it is important to learn to read correctly labeling and, especially, whether its components are beneficial for you.We teach you to choose the right product for you!

If we add to a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and some sports, some essential knowledge about the right components for us, probably get optimize the purchase of all kinds of products, especially cosmetics. So, let’s take a look at the different health and beauty products on the market, from those as basic as shampoo and shower gel to all kinds of creams and makeup.


AVG (Free Antivirus)

Over 15 million people have active security solutions for mobile AVG. The AVG antivirus, free download, provides protection against viruses, malware, spyware and malicious text messages, except putting all personal data from our smartphone. The app includes a handy shortcut widget to the most important functions of AVG from your own home screen.

Mobile World Congress 2013: few presentations, many trends

After the main event on mobile technologies, it is time to take stock.

This year’s edition has been marked by a shortage of submissions for new devices, which should not surprise those who usually follow this kind of congress, if only for the press. Manufacturers prefer to present their new terminal dedicated acts, carried out on days with no competition from many news.

However, events such as the Mobile World Congress are great to capture the market trends exhibited over the coming months. One of these is the NFC.

Barcelona, ​​a city that hosts the event, for a few days became the world capital of NFC services, and conference attendees holders support this standard terminal connection, could see their benefits in various locations in the city and in the same fair (which, incidentally, was a site different from previous years), which provided for signs that activated by touching the phone. In addition, for participants with most expensive tickets and the press, the GSMA along with Sony distributed more than 3,000 copies of the Xperia T, with Movistar card with 5 and 10 euros for calls for data, and a virtual credit card La Caixa, with a balance of 15 euros.

This also included the application terminal ‘badge’ NFC, which allowed attendees to access the site without having to identify more with their mobile.

Companies like Samsung and Sony were limited to showcase their latest releases without showing anything new (the Xperia Z and was released at CES, while the Galaxy S IV will make it in New York in a few days), while other less prominent market took the opportunity to show off and pulled himself to the fore some new models of smartphones and tablets.

Alcatel was the case, which presented its new range of smartphones, like LG, Asus (a minor player in the field of mobile telephony), which introduced the second generation of the Padfone and phablet Fonepad, or HP that presented a tablet 7 “, the Slate 7.

In the other part of the equation, the operators, complaints about the lack of frequencies in order to expand its services, requests for market deregulation, and the harmonization of international frequencies.