How do the French girl home?

Become the French girl, a colloquialism that is just French manicure, but that is usually used often, for those who do not know. Well, if you do not have money to go to a beauty salon and French manicure or any other, can be done at home with quite good results.

The trick to get the French girl and it is well, is to take a piece of tape, tape, toilet paper (actually, any type of paper used to “guide” is used), etc.., And this piece of paper, adhering to the nail so that it is the upper end of the nail (to be clear, the top edge) clear, without being capped. So, with paintable white enamel edge of the nail that is free of paper, and even though we spend with the brush, nothing will happen because no nail paint and paper.

Thus, be totally clear separation between the white stripe painted and natural nail. Also, you can give the glaze layers you feel is necessary, waiting to dry one layer to give the following being the most common with 3 layers is sufficient.

Also, finally, you can apply a nail hardener.

Help a Warrior Monk Sad complete their pilgrimage in S: S & S

There are few games that blend art into their designs and the result is so good, this is the case of Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery, a game that immerses you in a world filled with graphics that are truly works of art, but this does not is its only virtue, history and music are also up to the artistic design of this game.

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery has its fantastic history in one of its main attractions. The player gets into the skin of a warrior monk will have to overcome various challenges ranging from puzzles, puzzles, mystical objects and, at times, action. The game takes us through various real and dream worlds, many characters that will give us clues that we must decipher intelligence and speed.

key Features

Fantastic graphics and art, designed by Superbrothers Inc, the same Capy in Toronto.
Exclusive soundtrack composed exclusively for the game by Jim Guthrie.
Game integration with Twitter to share your accomplishments via social networks.


Health and Beauty

Since we get up every morning, we are exposed to approximately an average of five or six and beauty care products: soap, gel, shampoo, lipstick, cream, eye shadow, mascara, perfume … The main objective also to achieve a healthy and pleasant, is to feel good about ourselves. And they get that smell good, we like its texture and beautify our body.

The cosmetic field is full of brands and products we offer different services and outcomes, so it is important to know all of them, to see which one best fits our needs. In this regard, it is important to learn to read correctly labeling and, especially, whether its components are beneficial for you.We teach you to choose the right product for you!

If we add to a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and some sports, some essential knowledge about the right components for us, probably get optimize the purchase of all kinds of products, especially cosmetics. So, let’s take a look at the different health and beauty products on the market, from those as basic as shampoo and shower gel to all kinds of creams and makeup.


Milium or milia, what, how to remove and treat.

Milium or milia, what, how to remoMuchos have heard of a white lump that usually come out especially in the faces of babies, and you wonder what they are about, why go out and if there is a remedy to prevent them from leaving.

Well, those are called whiteheads Milium.

The milium are a series of small lesions of skin cysts that often appear in more than half of babies.

Normally milium are, as mentioned, trapping sebum cysts and manifested in a series of white granite and located around the face, especially on the chin and nose.

Now if you see that these granites make an appearance on the face of your baby, you should not to worry, since they usually disappear over a few weeks.

If on the other hand, if you go out and you do not know how to remove them, you should know that can not be eliminated as we usually do with bullets or grains because milium whiteheads or are attached to the skin and it is impossible remove and treat that.

Marvel NOW! – New Volume “feminine” of X-Men with Brian Wood and Oliver

Marvel Comics has announced a new series (number 26) of Marvel initiative NOW!. The series will be a new volume of X-Men (third) and will have a creative team of real estate: Brian Wood to scripts, Oliver Coipel in the graphics and colored charge of Laura Martin. The distinctiveness of this series, for all those unbelievers or tired from overuse of the mutant franchise, is in the cast of actors chosen for the series. Or rather: “chosen”. And, as the teaser suggested that the editorial published last week, this new volume of X-Men is featured exclusively by females mutant. Thus, we find that Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, Psylocke and Jubilee are the true stars of the show.

It is also true that most of these mutants and appear in other collections from the publisher, and in some cases twice: Storm Wolverine & X-Men and Uncanny X-Force, Psylocke in Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny Rogue in Avengers Kitty Pryde in All-New X-Men and Wolverine & X-Men and Wolverine and Rachel Summers in X-Men. Therefore, and in light of the first statements of Brian Wood, the singing voice of the lead Jubilo collection. This feature is to be the answer to the mysterious disappearance of Brian Wood of the scripts of the previous volume of X-Men, recently canceled. And, obviously, the writer was reserving and collecting scripts for the series with a new approach instead of wasting his strength and imagination in a series practically extinct and lacking in direction. Even so, in the few numbers that guioniz√≥ Wood of X-Men, and we saw firsthand that treatment will give Northlanders and DMZ creator of characters such as Betsy Braddock or Ororo Munroe. Moreover, the girl created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee ago a quarter century, was one of the first persons who had the opportunity to guionizar Brian Wood himself, while still a young author for many years and was responsible for the monthly adventures of Generation-X, in the writer’s first paid job. The turns whimsical life-giving have made the “vampire” Jublio slipping back into his hands.

Maybe some of you other chickens less mutant females, as the case of the popular Emma Frost, the recently “recovered” Jean Grey or lesser extent popular characters like Dazzler flip (now lost in alternative worlds), Polaris or, why not? X-23 (although the poor goes bundled in the new World Arcade). In what is no doubt that since the days of Chris Claremont (who has just discovered time Brian Wood), who did an excellent treatment to female characters beyond their superhero qualities (and if you do not tell that to the longed Moira MacTaggert, Madelyne Pryor, Mariko, Yukio, Stevie Hunter), no mutant disfurtado a stage where the real stars are the damsels-x, increasingly in the shadow of the ubiquitous figures of Cyclops, Xavier and Wolverine .



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