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New colors of lip makeup

First you need to start exfoliating and moisturizing the lips. Our lips tend to be overlooked when it comes to pampering. And sometimes really are mistreated. When I exfoliate my lips, use a balm mixed with a gentle exfoliating cream. Gently rub in circular motions to remove excess dead skin from the lips and help blood circulation. It is important not to rub too hard. The lips are very sensitive to scrubs with slightly coarser.

There are two good ways to use a lip makeup “naked”. The first is very dramatic and projects a strong image. Maybe this is recommended for use at parties. Apply foundation lightly on the lips lips trying to look as if they have not disappeared. No need to line the lips. Using a creamy lipstick, apply a layer on the lips. The Foundation will help show subtle color lipstick color “nude”. To add a dramatic touch, try applying a bit of gloss in the center of the lower lip. This light and accentuate the lip.

The second method of using lip makeup “naked” is more sensual and romantic. This method can be used during the day as well. Use a lip gloss with color. I recommend the pink or peach. Both shades represent youth and remind us of the way we were when we were kids our lips. You do not need to line the lips. Simply apply the gloss on the lips, starting at the center and working toward the outer, placing less and less as you move away from the center. For greater depth and emphasis put some red lipstick on the center of the lower lip. This little trick creates the illusion of full lips.
Flashy Lip Makeup

Another trend for this year is the emergence of bold colors and lips precisely delineated. The colors burgundy, pink, bubblegum pink and cinnamon are essential this season. All show fun and excitement, projecting a strong image. It is very important that the liner matches the color of the lipstick creamy when using bold colors. Apply lipstick using a lip brush for more control and precision. The creamy texture will slide easily with a brush. Clean with a sponge imperfections. As these colors are bold and do not need to apply gloss. Try Jane Iredale makeup Cosmetics has an incredible selection of high quality in both lip makeup in bold colors like nude colors.
Lip Makeup for Flirt

Red is a color that is exquisitely exciting in the spotlight this season. It is a color that can actually be used alone. When choosing a red lip makeup, be sure to choose a warm or cool shade that matches your skin tone. Using the wrong tone will make your skin look pale and worn. The cherry red is great and works well on many skin tones.
The red lip makeup must be applied precisely. First, prepare the lips to obtain a smooth texture.

Carefully line the lips, correcting any defects. Using a creamy lipstick that matches, lip makeup applied with a brush starting at the center and following the outside. As the red lip makeup may stain, gradually increase the amount of makeup applied, remember that it is easier to apply it to remove it. Removes and corrects defects using a sponge. Controls uniformity. Finally, apply a light coat of gloss for a dramatic effect. Use a clear gloss, since you can run and get dirty.

There are many cosmetic companies that can save you time when choosing a set of lip makeup where the eyeliner, lipstick and gloss match. Search companies like Almay grouping all lip makeup.