If you are someone who do not like / can have your phone with sound and prefer to leave it on vibrate mode, this application will be useful and interesting.

Vybe is an application that allows you to customize the vibrations of your contacts, either for calls or text messages, so that, even without sound, you know who’s calling with just feel its vibration determined.

Vybe features a simple tutorial that will teach you how to create your own vibrations and assign them to your contacts. You just have to log into the application and come to a control panel via the touch screen you will create a vibration with force, duration and intensity, and once you feel ready to assign a contact to your list.

If you never imagined you could customize a vibration and know what happens to just feel it, now Vybe makes it very easy. You could say it’s even fun to create new vibrations.

Vybe is a free application and is compatible with all mobile devices Android 2.2 and higher.