The pioneer of this type of service, iTunes Match, is now more than a year between us, and not to be confused with iTunes in the Cloud (which lets you download any song you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store to all Apple devices with only pressing a button).

S can be activated from the Store menu / Turn Music Match and then proceed to pay EUR 24.99 annual subscription costing the same way we buy any app (that is, with our own Apple ID) and begin scanning the library without having to install anything else.

The songs that are available in your store on our devices are synchronized AAC format at 256 kbps, and we can show or hide them when we want to differentiate the music you have stored from which we can listen in streaming or downloaded from the cloud anytime (very handy).

The trouble is that, in this case, there is no web access to our collection, and if you have a smartphone or tablet than Apple, not us any good (with Windows computers, thankfully, it does support after installing iTunes ). Nor is there a free trial, and the top of songs that we can upload does not exceed 25,000.