Some major Japanese companies in mobile telephony are thinking it is too complicated to be profitable in business, even in a market as special as yours. Names such as Panasonic and NEC are raising their output or sales to other manufacturers. The case before us today is to NEC, which could be in negotiations with the Chinese giant Lenovo, department manager, to turn their mobile phones, has been spending a couple of years with losses. The information coming from Nikkei and Reuters, noting that conversations occur in a comfortable, and already working together with personal computers in the Japanese market. NEC is not closed to the possibility that a Japanese manufacturer also between the negotiations. Another important fact to note is that the current NEC is a joint venture between itself (controls 70%) and Casio. Chinese manufacturers are eager to get their hands in Japan, a market that moves a lot of money. NEC is one way to enter, although currently only have a market share of 6%, and falling. On facilities that have NEC in Japan, has a factory in Saitama which manufactures its simplest phones, Smartphones and sends them to do outside, in China, as do virtually all manufacturers.